I’m a Design Lead at IBM Design. I lead a team working on creating the next generation of enterprise solutions, exploring the intersection of data analysis and cognitive technologies with Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality.

My work experience includes companies and consultancies such as IBM, Steelcase Inc. P&G, Boeing, Nike, Nokia, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, United Healthcare, LiveWell Collaborative (to name a few). 

My objective is to use design as a medium to create a positive impact in people’s lives. Followed by my passion for creating products and services with soul using design research and user-center design. My studies and design interests are focused on an empathic approach to humanizing products and the emotional connection between a person and a product.

I have developed specialties in areas such as Industrial Design, UX Design, Design Research, Cross-Disciplinary Leadership, Storytelling, Product Incubation, Human-Centered Design, Prototyping, User Research and AR/MR among others.


Feel free to reach out to me at aruiz.design@gmail.com or 513.400.2790 or LinkedIn.


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