IBM Immersive insights

Augmented Reality application for data analysis.

Role: Design Lead

I'm leading the IBM Analytics Augmented Reality (AR) Program. We are exploring new technologies to improve the way our customers do their work and analyze information. We are also creating new applications using AR/MR for enterprise solutions like Immersive Insights.

Immersive Insights aims to be a tool that provides data scientists with insights to large-scale data through a spatial visualization experience. We have real-time data streaming to the headset and displayed in 3D, fully manipulable and scalable. It is also our way to begin exploring, creating and refining the next generation of enterprise applications for data analysis.

Our project was has  been presented in many different conferences and trade shows last year. Including one featured by Analytics GM Rob Thomas at World of Watson in the main stage of T-Mobile arena in Las Vegas NV. 

We  also were one of the main IBM activations presented at SXSW 2017. I got the opportunity meet and talk about Immersive Insights with IBM's CEO Ginni Rommety.


A video we made showing a problem that data scientists face, and how our app can address it.